Company Profile

JBL REALTY is dedicated to providing high-end real estate solutions that seamlessly blend opulence, elegance and comfort in every property. Our unwavering dedication to excellence guarantees that we fulfill your requirements when seeking the ideal rental, sale or purchase.


We aim to be the foremost real estate company, setting the industry standard in renting, buying, selling, and facilitating transactions. Our commitment to excellence, backed by expertise and financial integrity, positions us as the trusted choice for individuals and businesses alike."


"Our mission at JBL is to guide buyers towards brighter futures through real estate. We are committed to providing you with insights and opportunities that transcend transactions. With our expertise and financial strength, we empower you to make informed decisions based on thorough evaluation and financial principles, ensuring your real estate investments align with your aspirations."


Our team’s effectiveness is a key asset in making our company committed to financial integrity and the most trusted choice for individuals. They play a crucial role in establishing JBL as the market leader over the past few years. Empowered to be focused individuals who embody our company values ,they consistently strive for the best . With unwavering dedication and loyalty ,we continue to grow and thrive in a competitive market.

Emmanuel Atsu Agboada

Emmanuel Atsu Agboada

Property Consultant

Noradine Shormeh Norteye Laryea

Noradine Shormeh Norteye Laryea

Sales Executive

Real Estate

Our Vision
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