Fetteh Bay




Current Development

Whether by a lake or the sea, there’s something special about vacationing near water. 

It’s never too early to start planning your next trip and luckily for Ghanaian travelers, you wont need to go too far to enjoy a great waterfront getaway.

Experience a romantic sunset, a captivating panorama extending to both sea and sky, accompanied by the gentle melody of waves caressing the shore.

● Peaceful Residential with beautiful ocean view and lagoon front.

● Premium Location with optimal lighting.

● High space efficiency and an open plan design.

● Combination of exclusive waterfront living with coastal modern and functional design.

● Easy commuting. 

● Incomparable living experience. 


Gomoah Fetteh is a coastal town in the central Region of Ghana, located off the Cape Coast Highway.The city has a tropical climate. It is the long ,clean stretch of beach and serenity of the environment with a dazzling array of cultural experiences that causes people to visit the place. 

● 1.5 hour drive (6-7km) from Accra.

This esteemed location offers entry to;

● Tills Beach Resort (8 min walk).

● White Sands Beach Resort (5 min walk).

Both beaches are pristine, with soft, white sands, crystal clear waters with a serene unspoiled environment

✓ At Tills, you get to experience and enjoy activities like bonfires, canoeing, surfing, beach games, movie shows, live band and painting. 

✓ White sands on the other hand, attracts the well-heeled Accra crowd. It has three restaurants, a bar and a tennis court and is separated from the mainland by a saltwater lagoon.


A stay in Gomoah Fetteh doesn’t get much better than that at our waterfront luxury property. Each exquisitely furnished apartment invites tranquility with its breathtaking views of the sea.

Welcome the allure of stunning landscapes as you step into these ready townhouses. Indulge in a lifestyle where every detail enhances the essence of waterfront elegance. 

● 24-Hour security.  

● Facilities Maintenance Team.

● Back up Power Generators / Solar Panels.

● Refuse Collection.

● Private swimming pool.

● Ample Parking Space.

● Kids play ground.


Wake up, Brighten up and Step out.

Step away from the everyday normal stuff and celebrate the outdoors, a space dedicated to good energy and great times which offer an iconic seaside experience.

Our facilities feature smart, open-plan layouts with top quality materials sourced globally.

● Bespoke Kitchen cabinets with built in appliances; fridges and freezer, electric hob and extractor, oven, microwave and washing machine.

● Fully fitted bathrooms with first choice porcelain tiles.

● Wardrobes in all rooms.

● Voltas by Tata Green Technology inverter air conditioners.


Unlock an unparalleled investment opportunity with our waterfront residence.

Invest wisely, Live lavishly -Your Sanctuary Awaits.

● Flexible payment plans available to your convenience.


Explore through our homes thoughtfully designed to cradle your senses in the embrace of nature’s beauty, where the lush trees, enchanting pathways and gentle streams create a harmonious space for nurturing your body, soul and mind.

● Amicable and holistic co-existence between humanity and nature.

● Enjoy the breeze and view of the beautiful scenery.

● With pretty evergreen landscape.

● Which promotes healthy and Eco living. 


The Perfect Lakeside Getaway. If you dream of lounging on a white sandy beach watching an unobstructed view of the sun setting, you will live that dream here. Escape to our luxury waterfront residence, where you can walk straight out from your villa and have a paddle boat experience on the lagoon to the beach side.

● Charming pathways and serene streams.

● Luxury in comfort.

● Beach resorts for fun times, food, drinks and nights out.

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